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Clinique Djerba Centre


The Clinique Djerba Center offers quality medical care in Djerba. With an experienced team of healthcare professionals and modern facilities, we offer you state-of-the-art services in a welcoming environment. Contact us now to benefit from our specialized medical services.


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Clinique Djerba Center offers quality anesthesia services to ensure your safety and comfort during your medical procedures. Our team of qualified anesthesiologists ensure your well-being throughout the process.



Clinique Djerba Center is home to a team of qualified dentists who offer a full range of dental care. Whether you need a cleaning, root canal treatment or dental restoration, our dentists will ensure your comfort and satisfaction.



The Djerba Center Clinic laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for fast and reliable medical analyses. Our team of experienced technicians ensures accurate and fast results, allowing you to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Packages offered


Discover the personalized medical care packages offered by Clinique Djerba Centre. Whether you need surgery, dental care or medical follow-up, our packages offer you a complete solution tailored to your needs.

Clinique Djerba Centre

Address: Street ibn khaldoun houmt Souk Djerba 4180

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