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The Physiotherapy department of the Djerba Center Clinic is dedicated to to rehabilitation, to recovery and strengthening mobility; and physical function of our patients. Our team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists work closely with doctors and other healthcare professionals. to develop personalized treatment programs to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Our areas of expertise

We process a variety of physical and orthopedic problems, including:

  • Rehabilitation after surgery: We offer post-surgery rehabilitation programs to accelerate healing, restore mobility, and strengthen weakened muscles.

  • Sports Injuries: We treat sports injuries. the practice of a sport, such as sprains, tendonitis and stress fractures.

  • Back problems: We offer treatments for lower back pain, herniated discs and spinal disorders.

  • Neurological rehabilitation: We support patients suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries and other neurological problems to restore their functional abilities.

  • Chronic pain management: We help patients manage chronic pain through physiotherapy techniques and adapted exercises.

Personalised approach and advanced treatments

Each patient is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach based on their medical condition, medical history and rehabilitation goals. Our physiotherapists carefully assess your physical and functional condition to develop a tailor-made treatment program.

Advanced Physical Therapy Techniques

Our team uses a variety of advanced physiotherapy techniques, such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy and functional rehabilitation to improve your strength, your flexibility and overall physical function.

Injury prevention and performance enhancement

As well as rehabilitation, we provide advice to prevent injuries and improve physical performance, whether for professional athletes or people who want to stay active and healthy.

Make an appointment today

If you need physiotherapy services for optimal recovery after an injury, surgery or to improve your mobility, make an appointment with our Physio service. ;sitherapy at the Djerba Center Clinic. Our dedicated team is there; to provide you with high quality care, a personalized approach and tailored treatment programs to help you recover. regain better health and optimal physical well-being. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priority. absolute.

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