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The rules of life

Life in the clinic, like any life in community, can not be considered without respecting a few rules that aim to make everyone's stay as pleasant as possible. Here are a few that we believe worth remembering :


The respect
of a clinic
without tobacco.

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Respecting hygiene rules
"Handwashing prevents
infections in the hospital. "

The respect
calm and
rest of others.
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Le respect de la propreté
«Les restes de boissons et de
denrées alimentaires sont à déposer
uniquemet dans les sacs noirs».

The respect
premises and
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Compliance with instructions
general security
posted in the hospital or
given by the staff.

The respect
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Respect for the safety of
patient «The germs contained
in the earth and in the water
can be dangerous for
our sick. Do not bring
potted plants and avoid
cut flowers ".

In case of non-use,
make sure to store your
glasses, prostheses
dental or prosthesis
Hearing in cases
provided for this purpose.
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We advise you not to
keep with you that cash
and valuables you have
strictly need and drop them
imperatively in the safe put
available in your room.

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